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I get home now, because today have gone conversation class in my academy school, my academy school is

Cambridge House. Today, in class, have been three people, other days we normally go six people. The

topic today has been Music. I like classical music, and pop music international, Spanish pop music, I don´t like

it, or I like less.

I don´t remember when I went the finish Alejandro Sanz concert. The concerts, and CDs are very expensive, and

the concersts is croweded, and CDs are a lot of expensive for me, I am employment, when I want a lot of a

CD I buy the CD , I usually spend moreless between fifteen and twenty euros. When the CD I don´t like any a

CD I download.



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    I've arrived home now/I'm going home now.  Today I had coversation class in my academy school, Cambridge House.   There were three people in class today.  There are normally six. 

    Today's topic was music.  I like classical music.  I don't like international or Spanish pop music. 


    I don´t remember when I first went to an Alejandro Sanz concert. The concerts and his CDs are very expensive - usually between 15 to 20 euros.  If I don't want to buy a CD I download the music. 

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