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Fear box

My friend told me one way to face your fea. There is two question we should answer.
First, What do we fear? Fear something, Fear losing the value behind, or fear that can't stand the consequence of losing it.
For me, I fear speaking before people. First, I fear speaking. Second, why do I fear that? If I told my ideal that is difference from other man, I think they will don't like me, even quarrel with me. So I fear difference from other people, I want to be the one in people. I fear people don't love me. I fear losing good realationship for people. Third, Can I stand the consequence of losing it? Of course, I can. To my college, my friends and my family, I don't think they will give up me just because I told them my ideal. To stranger, I don't think they will keep good realationship for a silence woman. If someone hate me because of I am I, just say:" FUCK, THAT'S ME! ANYWAY!
After I know that, I don't fear speaking in public any more.
Second, How should do we do when we afraid some bad things happen?
Yes, Sometimes bad things happen, sometimes we are unfortunate. Shit alway happens, that's life. Do we need worry about anytime, and stop to do anything? But if I can't stop to worry, I am fear, what should we do?
Make a fear box.
First, write anything you worry about. Anything no matter it's big or little, just write.
Second, put them in the fear box.
Third, tell yourself, I leave my fear in the fear box. I will put them when I back.
Fourth, do what you want.
Fifth, go back. The things you worry about and fear come true or not.
There just litte amout of your worry and fear thing should comes true.
Do it, you fear will become less and less.




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    Fear Book is good method to lessen the fears or worries.

    I rearrange last part of your story. (It is not grammar check.)


    First, make a fear box.

    Second, write down the worries you have on the paper. No matter how it's big or small.

    Third, put the paper in the box.

    Fourth, tell yourself, I put all of my worries in the box.

    Fifth, forget the worries and do what you want to do(serve your normal life faithfully).

    Sixth, after some time(for example, several months), open the box and take out the paper.

    Seventh, read it, then you will find most of the worries do not come true.


    You could make sure that fears are lessened by Fear Box.


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