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The Vietnam War has been the first televised war, with his shocking images of the conflict realities. Contrary to the Second World War, she inspired to Hollywood only some patriotic movies. The Green Berets (1968) is frequently cited such as the only movie who was realized to support the war and often derided due to his simplistic perceptive. The movies of the end of the 60’s and the beginning of the 70’s touch on the war indirectly. M.A.S.H. (1970) by Robert Altman with his reject of the authority looks reflected more the Vietnam War than the Korean War who constitutes his temporal environment. Ulzana’s Raid (1972), flamboyant western of Robert Aldrich relate the tragic epic of cavalry detachment that has been sent at the pursuit of a group of Apaches. This movie was in reality a brutal metaphor of doomed war.

In 1978, the oscarized movie Coming Home (1978) of Hal Ashby makes the critics of the war throughout the history of a mutilated veteran. The same year, The Deer Hunter (1978) of Michael Cimino chooses an ambiguous position: the movie was attacked by the critics for in behalf for his violent and unequivocal vision of the North Vietnamese Camp. The scene of the Russian roulette arouses the controversy, because anyone can attest that this practice was used by the North Vietnamese. It is Apocalypse Now (1979) of Francis ford Coppola who realized the next year who brings the most powerful and epochal representation that Hollywood ever produced of the conflict.

Some other movies touch on the psychic landscape of the country after the Vietnam. In Who'll Stop the Rain (1978) a veteran of the Vietnam War and the wife of his best friend ended up in escapes in California a Vietnamese heroin truckload.

Oliver Stone decides to draw in his own experience to realized Platoon (1986) first movies of a trilogy hallowed to the different aspects of the war. The second movie is Born a fourth of July (1989) is based on the memories of a disabled veteran whereas the third pan Between Sky and Earth (1993) describe the real story of a young Vietnamese woman married with a traumatized soldier. Stanley Kubrick offering a staggering spectacle of the war by the reconstitution of the battlefields in South East Asia in the swamps of the East London for Full Metal Jacket (1987).




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