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Great News!!! We are leaving for Mars!!!!


India is ready to step its first feet on the Red beauty, Mars!!! Yes, ISRO launching Mars Orbiter Mission(MOM) on November 5th, 2013.

I wish very good luck to the ISRO scientist:) :)

Lets Cheers:)




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    But I would rather our government can do more for our daily life than more unpractical sketchy vision .

    To be honest , I do not have any possibility to see any human beings boarding on Mars in my life time , so I think it is just symbolic to the advance of modern astronaumical science . That is so much for it adn for me as well .  I would rather spend more of my time and effort on how I can live better . Perhaps , I am too practical to hold  imagination .


    I have heard this news . It must be very fascinating for most astronomical schientists  .

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