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A real friendship

As a saying that goes:” a friend in need is a friend indeed.” Whether or not financial disparity affects friendship, as far as I am concerned, depends on what is a real friendship.
Generally speaking, financial disparity affects something like social status, power and success. Differences of financial disparities determined to different living environment and value divergence. They may have widely different styles of lives which easily contribute to argument with each other. What’s more, friendship sometimes maybe fragile and sensitive. We may easily become jealous over a friend’s wealth, we may feel ourselves inferior to them and keep at a distance with your close friends. All of these factors could resulting not maintain friendships.
However, a real friendship would beyond all the differences and involves compromise, patience and support. When we face troubles, a true friend will try his or her best to help you without hesitation, no matter he is rich or poor. And we always know that our friends will support us whatever decisions we had made. When we are in the mood or not, the first one we thought immediately is our friend. When we achieve success, our friends will be pride in us indeed while we get loss, our friends will encourage us instead of teasing us. A real friend will share you happiness and sadness with you forever.
Financial disparities on the one hand will affect friendship, on the other hand, it will inspire us to catch up with our friends. If the friendship is real, friends will give you a hand at the same time and help you realize your dream.
In our lives, not only financial disparities, but also many other factors affect our friendships, like jealousness, failure and death… which easily destroy our friendships. In my view, a real friendship could overcome al difficulties and may last forever.



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