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Is California The Home Of Sin?

As I was around 12 years old, my biggest dream had nothing to do with Asia but with America itself. Due to some video games, I desperately wanted to join Los Angeles SWAT to fight against crime and be one of the toughest guys in the city. Later I lost that dream and looking to California with more wisdom today, it seems it was a good choice to change the plans.

Have you ever heard of the San Fernando Valley, located in the Northwest of Los Angeles? It is the place where 90 of 100 professional adult videos are being produced. All the big named studios are there, all the "stars" (which I call useless perverted bitches and idiots with no reason to live) are living there and spread the internet full with that stuff. Also California is the only state in the USA where it is allowed to use drugs like Marijuana, at least if you have special sicknesses, where this destroying stuff "helps" you to get over the pain.

I really wonder why songs about California exist which they play in the radio so often. Why the people dream of that State if it is a hotbed of sin? Just take a look in Google Maps at the Valley. All the big houses with big cars, big pools and where you easily see that you need much money to pay that are the places where they exactly produce these movies every day.

The sin goes so far, that this business even got an exhibition every year in Los Angeles plus an Award Show where they even give prices to the movies and actors, just like what Hollywood does at the Oscar festivals. Why nobody is stopping this? Why the US government cannot make a law against this all? There are even churches and primary schools in San Fernando Valley! I don't want to know what they teach the children inside these schools. I guess sexual education is being taught there already in the 1st grade.

And if you think this is just a local thing, forget it. All these "stars" have official Twitter and Facebook accounts where they always post and no matter what you search in Google these damned adult sites always pop up. In earlier times where there was no internet, children were not harmed that much by that stuff because they would have needed to buy such a magazine or movie, but today where everybody got internet you just need two clicks with your mouse to enter these sites. What they don't know is, that this stuff is as faked as Wrestling, as unrealistic as Star Wars and as perverted as the city of Sodom.

If you ask me the USA should get rid of California. Make an end to this sin.




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