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我有一只猫,黑色和白色,老和明智的。他是室外的猫,我喜欢。猫是独立的。有些人不喜欢这一点,但我认为它是正面。他的名字叫L.B. ('小獝')。我说他是明智的因为在我们这附近有野狼,他们不能抓到他,吃了他。我觉得他是比狼更聪明。他不是怕狗。当犬吠时,他看着他们好像在说 ‘为什么你做树皮-它是无用'。




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    我有一只猫,黑色和白色,诚实而且很聪明的。我很喜欢这只猫,因为经常跑到外面去玩。这只猫是比较独立,有些人不喜欢这一点,但我认为它是正面。他的名字叫L.B. ('小獝')。我说他是聪明,是因为在我们这附近有野狼,他们不能抓到它,吃了它。我觉得他是比狼更聪明。他不是怕狼,当狼大声的孔时,他看着他们好像在说 ‘为什么你的这么没用的呢'?


    我有一只猫,黑色和白色(他的毛色是黑白相间的)老和明智的(他虽已上了年纪,却是睿智无比)。他是室外的猫(一只野猫),(这一点)我喜欢。猫是独立的(,)有些人不喜欢这一点,但我认为它是正面(这正是它的优点所在)。他的名字叫L.B. ('小獝')。我说他是明智(睿智)(是)因为在我们这附近有野狼,他们不能抓到他,吃了他。我觉得他是比狼更聪明。他不是怕狗。(也不怕狗,)犬吠时,他看着他们好像在说 ‘为什么你做树皮-它是无用'。



    我有一只猫,黑色和白色相间,老却聪明。(Firstly, "black and white" is enough to describe these two color mixed together in English. Chinese folks need to have it expressed more concretely to be understood. We use  相间 to decribe two color isolate each other. Secondly, "和" means "and", but in Chinese,the two words beside“和” are supposed to have sth in common like "sunny and warm","dark and evil". When you say "old and wise",we prefer you say "old but wise".It's not that Chinese people don't think the elders are wiser.We just considerate these two words fall into different catalogs seperately. Moreover, 明智 means "wise" as what you have learnt.But we say 明智, when it comes to describe an desicion,behavior ,legislation or policy,明聪 may be better in this case,as 聪明 means clever and is commonly and broadly used. If you feel you have to use wise, as "wise"is not only clever but also sophisticate, then maybe 明慧 meet you demand.聪慧 means clever and wise and it's quite literate. )


    If you mean you raise the cat that lives outdoor freely.we say 他是放养室外的猫,我喜欢

    If you mean it's a cat who you know and it lives by itself,so it's a wild cat.Then we say 他是野猫,我喜欢



    (These two sentences are good,except that Chinese tend to  use the words of "potisive/negtive" to discuss serious topic like education or enviroment issue and so forth)instead of sth in our daily life.

    优点 may be better in this case,which means "virtue/advantage")


    他的名字叫L.B. ('小獝')。我说他是明智的因为在我们这附近有野狼,他们不能抓到他,吃了他。我觉得他是比狼更聪明。他不是怕狗。当犬吠时,他看着他们好像在说 ‘为什么你做树皮-它是无用'。

    (This paragraph is right and beautiful.

    You could use 明智here,cause you refer to a strategy that how this cat avoid encounting a wolf.

    "为什么你做树皮"I guess you mean "why are you peeling the tree?")then we say 为什么你扒树皮?“扒”means "peel in a rough way",it's read /'ba/  )



    我有一只猫,它有黑白两种颜色。这只老猫很聪明,他是只野猫,我喜欢它。猫是很独立的,有些人不喜欢这一点。但我认为它就应该是这样。它的名字叫L.B. ('小獝')。我说他是聪明的,因为在我们这附近有野狼,他们不能抓到它,更不可能吃了它。我觉得它是比狼更聪明。它不怕狗。当犬吠的时候,它看着他们好像在说 “为什么你做树皮-它是无用”。


    what it means:为什么你做树皮-它是无用


    我有一只猫,黑色和白色黑白相间老和明智的虽然老,但是很明智他是室外的猫,我喜欢我喜欢这只猫,它生活在室外猫是独立的猫很自力更生。有些人不喜欢这一点,但我认为它是正面这很不错。他的名字叫L.B. ('小獝')。我说他是明智的因为在我们这附近有野狼,他们不能抓到他,吃了他。我觉得他比狼更聪明。他不怕狗。当犬吠时,他看着他们好像在说 ‘为什么你做树皮-它是无用你们为什么叫呢,这是没有用的'。



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