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I Want a Camel as a Pet, Badly :/

I saw such a great documentary about camels tonight, I didn’t know they are such a great guys! They make very nice parents! They care too much about their children! They are very faithful and emotional!
In that documentary it showed that one of them just lost her son, and each year she came in a place where her son has died, she stayed there for a while, and tears poured down from her eyes. It was wonderful but sad scene, to see her alone there while she was suffering from her loss and the fact that she couldn’t convey her feelings to anyone else, made the scene even sadder, I wished I could have been there to stoke her, and talk with her, and help her out!
I didn’t know they can feel this much deeply, cry and also memorize feelings for a long time.

It also showed, in very rare situations, you can see a camel after giving birth to her child, (if she had suffered a lot while giving birth), she would get depressed and she would kind of miff with her child! Then the shepherd man, who take care of camels, starts to play musical instruments for her, and stoking her, and walking with her for some period of times to calm her down. such a nice scene it was when that man was going along with her!
After disappearing depression when she went back to her child, and the child got closed to her she poured some tears!
I actually didn’t like camels but now I love them, I totally changed my mind and I am thinking if a camel can makes a pet?




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