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Near a Finnish border


I live about 2 or 3 hours by car from the Finnish border. It's very benefit for me, Russian people and Finland government because we spend a lot of money in Finnish shops near the border! Every day many people go to Finland for purchases... There are 2 big customs controls near St.Petersburg and there are often queue of people and cars. People after the Finland border about 5 or 10 minutes by car go to big shops. They always bay washing powde, shampoo, soap, cheese, coffee, fish, sausage, bread, jam and many another foods. Why they buy it in Finland? They think that there are all very quality, fresh and healthy... I agree with them! When I visited Finland I've bought 2 package foods.
When people leave Finland they usually register taxes and after they can retrieve some percent from their purchases.
I visited Finland yesterday. I've sent a parcel to Norway. I can't send from Russia to EU foods and some and another things. I haven't used to Finnish post before. Yesterday was (a?)first time... I was worring because a women who works a the post office doesn't speak Russian and I've spoken with her in English. I did some mistakes when I spoke... But I must be glad because 1 year ago I couldn't speak in English :)

There are Russian foods in Finnish shops.




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