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"The world is diverse and beautiful, wonderful life comes from the choice".This motto comes from Rui Chenggang, the famous host of CCTV Financial Channel, which deeply impressed me. With the diversity of the world, media is becoming more and more important,serving as the role of bridge in the muti-culture. I am deeply attracted by the great charm of media, and I dream to be a media worker so that I could bring a better picture of world to people.
Due to the enthusiasm for media, I took Radio and TV Program Production and Practical Portrait Photography courses during college. I also read extensively in the field of media, including Introduction to Journalism, Introduction to Communication Studies, Wall Street Journal is how to tell stories and so on. At the same time, I was enrolled in the online courses as Bay Networks, TED, Netease open class, YY open class classroom to get the newest information in field of media. During the process of self- learning, I insist on continuous media study from all the available resources, such as online courses, library and forums to seek the chance of practice in order to broaden my understanding of media.
At the presentation of my professional courses, I was creative enough to make it more vividly by introducing the artistic elements into my presentation, such as audio and video which were not used by others before. The process of designing lesson plan would help the classmates to refresh the prior knowledge in the create situation with the citing of classic lyrics or classic movies. I used to do the survey subject by methods of interviews with experts, online and offline advertising .
During my Sophomore at college, I participated in the TEDx University Day in China, the project promoted by Google Cup Chinese Students Community Contest. My duties included meeting organization, pre-program development, advocacy planning, partner selection, invited lecturer, investment funds , personnel and goods arrangement and other general operations. We talked with each other in the team to discuss the highlights of the project, and then expended the influence through poster campaigns, community connection and college website.
I realized that the ability to communicate and understand is a key to a successful project, which is also the essential quality of a media worker. From the experience of TED lecture, I found that interacting with audiences in a large-scale activity is an efficient way to arise people’s thinking and bring




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