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great influence to society.
During my Juniors and seniors, I have a precious internship as the editor at the propaganda department of school party committee, enrolling in the editing of Graduation Season and Impression Jinan. Ever being a cub reporter at net Shandong channels during the summer holiday, I was honored to have a interview with Miss Gao Peifen who is the fifth-generation heir of art of Guqin in Zhucheng. Through the report of this interview, I emphasized the ancient tradition and cultural heritage of publicity and pay attention to the behavior of the culture of fraud. I used to select the positive point to report such as Public service activities and cultural transmission, aiming to express the positive energy and form the correct guidance of public opinion. With the successful interviews to different group, my own interview style has been formed. From these experiences, I had a profound understanding of the responsibility of a media worker, and the idea to develop in media field get strengthened.

"With the development and popularization of development of media, a variety of innovative network language is gradually expanded by the media impact, while the gender differences in language networks still exist. My graduation thesis, the Usage of Gender Difference in Network Languages, has discussed the main differences, causes and influence of the usage of different gender in network languages by setting the new generated thing- network language as the research object, conducting surveys and plenty of statistical jobs, and comprehensively adopting knowledge of linguistics, communication and psychology and etc. Finally to my satisfaction, my thesis was highly evaluated and appreciated by our school tutors
To be a media person with qualified professional and theoretical knowledge is my first step to be a cultural communicator. With well personal qualities and unique interviews and writing style, I try my best to deepen my understanding of cultural transmission and improve the ability in field of media. I dream to start my own theme site which will offer a share space with diverse cultures and ideas, being a domestic and international cultural communicator.
Hong Kong has thriving media industry with well-developed information and free environment, coupled with the opened traditional print and electronic media. With the concern of international community,




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