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To all my Filipino friends (and to all those that I don't know): I want you to know that my prayers are out there for you. There's no way that I can imagine what you're going through, particular for those that has been effected by the massive cyclone. I hurt for those that have lost loved ones and friends. Now, this is something that I seldom do here on italki. I'm going to type a prayer for all of those effected by the massive cyclone there, so just imagine that I'm there in your presence praying for you. "Dear Jesus, right now, I pray for all the wonderful people there in the Philippines that has been effected by the cyclone. I pray particularly for those that have lost some loved ones and friends. I ask You, Jesus, to put Your loving arms around them, and let them know that You care for them. Please, I pray, that they'll feel your presence in this very trying time. I ask that You give them a special grace at this time. You have promised in Your Word: "Grace to help in time of need". So please, give them that portion of grace that they desperately need at this needy time I pray. Amen!!!"




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