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Exercise: Basic Sceince


Many people ignore basic science today. What are the causes and what are your solutions?


There is a growing trend that nowadays people’s basic scientific knowledge is worsening. This will negatively affect humanity, so we should work out solutions to handle it.

The reasons why it is happening are still controversial among most people. Personally, I think, firstly, it is caused by the worsening primary and secondly education. Today’s children have a lot more leisure activities than there used to be. Compared to these new ways of entertainment, like playing computer games, watching TV and surfing the internet, courses related to basic science are boring and unattractive. In order to make children willing to attend school, many such courses are removed or shrunk. Meanwhile, adults spend less time studying basic science because it is less useful than practical science, which can help them to achieve immediate technological breakthroughs and earn profits quickly. Neither is basic science as important as literature, art, performing or sports to most people because a remarkable number of successful performers, writers, artists and athletes have shown us their talents, rather than basic science, can award them huge amounts of money.

As for the solutions to tackle this issue, I think, first, the general public need to understand the importance of basic science: it has always been the driving force behind numerous great industrial revolutions in the history. If we humanity lose it, we are less creative and it will be a lot more difficult to make new progress. Secondly, I suggest children be better taught basic science. Educators should make science courses more enjoyable to children and consequently encourage them to spend more efforts learning science. TV programmes such as Discovery should be better funded to produce more interesting science-education episodes for children.

In summary, the degradation of people’s basic science is caused by several reasons. The solutions to this problem are to increase people’s awareness of the harm of this trend and to teach our next generation science better.




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