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Hungarian sounds

It's very simple. There are 44 sounds in our alphabet and if you know them, you can pronounce almost any Hungarian word.

a - is a short sound kind of 'a' in the word bar
á - is a long sound just like 'u' in fuck just longer
b - is simply a 'b' just like in bear
c - is a sound like 'ts' in tsunami
cs - is a diphthong like 'ch' in chello
d - is simply a 'd' like in dubstep
dz - is a sound like 'ds' in a word's plural form e.g. beds
dzs - is a triphthong said like 'j' in jungle
e - is the first short 'e' in elephant
é - is the long 'a' sound in pay
f - 'f' in funeral
g - the 'g' in Google
gy - is the 'd' in duty if you say it like an Englishman
h - 'h' in hole
i - like the short 'i' in dick
í - like the long 'ee' in feel
j - like 'y' in yet
k - is like 'c' in the cool
l - is a simple 'l' just like in lost
ly - same as 'j' defined above
m - simple 'm' like in moon
n - 'n' in the same word moon
ny - is like 'ny' in canyon
o - is a short sound like 'o' in oil
ó - is the same's long version like 'o' sore
ö - short sound like 'a' in the word Hungary
ő - exactly the long sound 'ir' in bird
p - 'p' in pet
q - Hungarian don't really use it but when we do, we say it like 'kv' as described above
r - is a rolling 'r' the one that English hasn't got
s - 'sh' in shell
sz - 's' in sell
t - simple 't' in telescope
ty - 't' in tutor if you are an Englishman
u - is a short sound like 'u' in put
ú - is a long sound like 'oo' in took
ü - is a sound like 'u' in tube just shorter
ű - is like the 'u' in tube (these ü and ű are more like 'ü' in German so try to listen to a sample)
v - the 'v' in vest
w - we don't really use this too but if we must say it it's the same as 'v' explained above
x - we don't use this neither if we do it's the same as 'x' in box
y - we don't use this one at all
z - is like 's' in is
zs - is like the French sound 'g' in Gerald (sorry I don't know any English word with it)



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