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Day 12 Phrase - hobby & interest

Is it true that in Japanese they tend to often use Nouns as the subject instead of Pronouns? i've got a couple of examples as below.

1. 私は アニメ、卓球、映画、旅行と映画 が 好きです。

2. 趣味は アニメ、卓球、映画、旅行です。

Umm…my intuitive feeling as a non-native speaker(which means absolutely baseless.. lol..) tells me No. 2 is more popular than No1. Is that right?

I feel the Japanese sometimes tend to avoid expressing their personal opinions and maybe that's why the pronouns are omitted a lot?? Can't remember where I read this but it says in day-to-day practice, they try to achieve a harmonious atmosphere and avoid conflicts by stating the facts rather than opinions.

Well, on a second thought, it might be way too early for me to 'read between the lines'….;)



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