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This is a draft of a mini letter that I'm including as a present to my boyfriend (and as forewarning...I guess it kind of is rather sentimental and mushy), so I would definitely appreciate any and all feedback that you can give me. (^v^)


I'm including the English version just in case something REALLY doesn't make sense. :P
"This year, I have experienced a lot of happiness. It's thanks to you. We've had fun moments and we've had serious moments. Even though there are probably moments that I wish I had done differently, I don't think I would change them even if I were given the chance. Each moment (good and bad) are what makes our relationship what it is today. I treasure each memory that I have made with you and I will treasure each memory that I make with you from this point forward."




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    My free translation of what you wrote in English : 



    I recommend you'd add some "ne" or "yo", to make your sentences sound more gentle ... 


    ごちそうさまでした。    Joke!  :p


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