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Day 14 - 一番綺麗な私を_1

Have been keeping <一番綺麗な私を>on repeat on my phone mp3 for the last couple of weeks…
The music is so beautiful although the lyrics is a bit sad. The singer is 中島美嘉 who is quite famous in Japan, as much as I've heard.

Here's the MV version of, if you are interested.

So, I've decided to learn the song. After all, I'm not a bad singer at all :D Most importantly, it helps with my listening and later pronunciation as the words are quite clearly pronounced and the pace is slow. What I'm going to do in the next few days is to write down the Hiragana for Kanji in the lyrics as I couldn't find the lyrics in Hiragana. Any corrections are welcomed!

もしもあの 春(はる)にあなたと出逢(てあ)わなければ

- sorry, I couldn't catch the last part of this line. I heard ふでり で その さなければ


Anyone wants to sing with me ? ;)

Look forward to your corrections!




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    Day 14 - 一番綺麗な私を_1


    Such a beautiful song! Here is the last part of the 2nd sentence: まい ちる はなびら は ただ しろく みえ て い た でしょ う か ?


    Alright, very quickly I am gonna give you the first 3 lines (the ones you wrote in Kanji to Hiragana), in Romaji:

    moshimo ano haru ni anata to deawanakereba
    maichiru hanabira wa tada shiroku mieteita deshou ka
    moshimo ano natsu wo futari de sugosa na kereba
    hanabi no kagayaki mo nokorazu ni kieteita deshou ka

    You can look at the Romaji, Kanji and the English translation of this song here:


    If I'm not mistaken, did you want to write the hiragana of the lyrics from Kanji even though there is a Romaji version available? I mean did you want to write them in hiragana in purpose? If you do then you can copy the sentence or just the kanji characters and paste them in the box in this website and it will give you the hiragana, katakan, romaji etc:

    I hope this link will help you whenever you want to learn a Kanji ;)


    By the way, this song reminds me of one of the songs of one of my favorite singer in Japan (<did you realize how many "of"s are there in this sentence? ;P)

    She is Hajime Chitose and the song is "kataritsugu koto". She has a very unique way of singing and according to Wikipedia, listening to her songs is good for your brain! How cool!

    [ ]


    Here is the Youtube link of the song:


    If I remember right, maybe Youtube is blocked in China, so you can go here to listen to the audio of this song (click on "Play" or "Download" for the 3rd link, the first 2 doesn't seem to work):



    Hope my response was helpful!

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