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My first time notebook talking about a movie.

I saw [47RONIN]movie trailer on TV&Youtube.>
I feel complicate.and also I think this movie will seem no good.
Because this story based on 「忠臣蔵」(Cyuusingura).「忠臣蔵」 is a most famas story that is loved longtime in japan.and also it based on true story!
So i feel complicate.and i think [47RONIN]'s stage looks like China.Monsters too.




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    My First Time Notebook Talking About A Movie.

    I saw 47 RONIN's trailer on TV & Youtube >
    I feel confused complicate and also I think this movie will be seem no good because this story is based on 「忠臣蔵」(Cyuusingura) which is a very famous story that has been loved for a long time in Japan. Also it based on true story!

    So i feel confused complicate and I think 47RONIN's stage looks like Chinese Monster film's too!

    Hey Kinzo,

    A couple of mistakes but very good attempt!

    I'm not sure what you meant by complicated so I've put confused instead because I think you are unsure if the film is going to be good or no. Conflicted could also be a good word.

    I've joined a few of your sentences together as well so it is more flowing.

    I also wasn't sure what you meant about the Chinese.Monster comment! I think you meant the stage looked fake so have compared it to a Chinese Monster film.

    Good work. Well done!

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