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My last sunday, second part.


We arrived in the small town in the mountains and we found a park. When I opened the car door quickly the dogs went out.
- Shit! The dogs! Paco, Mimma, come here! And you, why you didn't be carefully! - said Pino.
- Steady on! It's ok, look at theme, they are already returning. You seems a little bit nervous - I answered.
- Sorry, I'm passing a bad moment and I get angry with nothing.
- With that grim face, I was thinking you wanted eat me! Stay calm.
We were walking on the street but there were a lot of people and it was difficult to walk united. The stalls sold every kind of food and rivers of red wine. I came up to Adriana and I said to her:
- I think Pino doesn't feel at ease here... there's too much confusion.
- No doubt. We don't have fun in this way... Pino! What do you think if we leave?
- And what do you want to do?
- Now Tizi take her wallet and buys something to eat and then we will go to the lake.
- Ok, - I said - What do you want to eat?
- Potatoes and peppers and one sandwich with sausage and turnips.
- Very light! And you?
- Omelette with onions and a sandwich with mushrooms, tomates, cheese and ham.
- Ok, we're going to become fat.
- Don't forget the wine!
- Don't worry, I can't forget it! Do you need something else by my wallet?
- Later, I will offer a coffe. - said Pino smiling .
After the shopping, we went to the car and we left for the lake.

To be continued...




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