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In previous years, almost everyone mastered a variety of skills, which are fading off during recent days, to ensure citizen's daily routine.
This is caused by mixed reasons and has emerged in China due to its internationalization.

After industrial revolution, tools and machines begin to take the place of hand-makings such as stitching and mending. They collect raw materials in bulk to decrease cost and process household gadgets with a push of electric button or a click of mouse. Consequently, dealing with these skills can be time-consuming and effort-costly.
And, stress and pressure posed upon people can be another factor. Modern society offers us a fast speed of life where we have to rush to work or study and this mode of lifestyle will make us so exhausted that we consider making stuffs a waste of time.
As payments are improving, purchasing power is commonly elevated, thus the motive to be engaged in such a minimum case is eliminated. People would rather turn to qualified technicians rather than bother themselves.

Problems above also hold true in China, although some of the skills are inherited in rural areas because humans there lead a relatively low level of life. They consist a fair portion of Chinese population and all they have is leisure time.They do farm work for generations and therefore are gifted for artificial incidents. They are alway ready to learn and full of creation and ideas which make their skills more proficient and adapted to the world.



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