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A selection of 'terribly' British Customs.


#1 "I say 'thank-you' at least a dozen times during a single credit card transaction"

Handing the goods over, passing the card, taking it back, getting the receipt – at every step of the process we have to say “thank-you.” The cashier does too. We can’t help it, we’re British.

#2 "I only ever have 'quiet' Christmases"

The most common adjective used to describe our Christmases in the UK must surely be “quiet.” If you have a dangerous or exciting one it’s possible you went abroad that year.

#3 "I consider people who take sugar in their tea to be lesser than myself"

Never has such a banal drink dictated so much in the way of social standing and etiquette than the ritual of tea. Sugar in tea is only too common....However, Sugar in Coffee is very European and cool.

#4 "I don't believe in superstitions but I'm still not going to walk under that ladder"

We think we’re so rational and civilized, but very few of us can resist a superstition here and there. No shoes on the table, crossing fingers and avoiding passing under ladders are all still very much part and parcel of British culture.

Non of the above are thoughts I personally have, these are just examples of British customs. I may be guilty of a few but not all!




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