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Việt/Eng "Vacation"

**So I learned there are multiple words for vacation/rest~I am more familiar hearing nghỉ...
Written vocabulary:
rest/vacation: nghỉ
vacation: nghỉ việc
we: Chúng tôi
Literal translation: Vacation of mine is
5)Kỳ nghỉ của tôi là tháng 12 để tháng 2 ngày




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    Chúng tôi vs Chúng ta : One of the most annoying about Viets is they way we addressing each other. For example, just for the single " I "  there are tons of way to say it but the usage is strongly depends on who you talk to. SO in this case, "chúng tôi" is usually used to talk in a business, formal way (like uki said above), but then the "chúng ta" is used in a friend, buddy way of talking.

    Here's some examples:

    " Boss, we wants a higher salary " = "Ông chủ, chúng tôi muốn có một mức lương cao hơn"

    " Yo buddy, let's hit the bar" = "Ê huynh đài, chúng ta đi nhậu nào"



    rest : nghỉ
    vacation: kỳ nghỉ

    because "nghỉ việc" = quitting a job

    The word "nghỉ" carries an aspect of relaxing, taking a break. However if you put it with the word "việc" (jobs) it brings up the idea of "quitting" the job. But again, the Vietnamese language is imagery so depends on how you play with the word in a sentence.


    1) I am on vacation (or resting) for two weeks = Tôi đang trong kì nghỉ
    1A) Tôi nghỉ trong hai tuần.
    Literal translation: I rest in two weeks? << More like "I take a break in 2 weeks"
    1B) Tôi nghỉ việc hai tuần.

    2) Hai tuần, Tôi nghỉ . <I hear this frquently in my household)
    Literal translation: Two weeks, I rest.
    ^ I'm not sure about this one, again, we need to hear the sentence before and after this to know what they means.

    3) I am on vacation.
    3)Tôi đang trong kỳ nghỉ

    4) We____go to Vietnam for vacation.
    4)Chúng tôi đi Việt Nam cho kỳ nghỉ  << that's correct

    5) My vacation is December 13 to January 2. <Truth> <yay>
    Kỳ nghỉ của tôi kéo dài (last) từ ngày 13 tháng 12 cho đến ngày 2 tháng giêng

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