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i don't know why, but i think today is not going well :( if i were this situation, i'll buy a lot of dark chocolates. usually it will effective making my mood be better as soon as posisble. but, because it is my usual time to go to sleep, i can't go to the nearest mini market around my home. what can i do just see my picture together with my friends. looking at the photos, make me feel the atmosphere of that time. i feel happy for a while, before realize that i miss them so damn. that is our sweet moments.




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    I don't know why, but I think today is not going well. :( When I am in this situation, I buy a lot of dark chocolates. Usually, it will make my mood better very quickly.  However, since it is around my normal bedtime, I can't go to the nearest mini market near my home. What can I do is look at a picture of my friends and I. Looking at photos, makes me feel better. I feel happy for a while and then I realize that I miss them so much. Those were our sweet moments.

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