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Day 4. Phrasal verbs "Take back", "Take down", "Take up"

Hi everyone!
Today I decided to practice writing by using three phrasal verbs, which I learnt yesterday.

1. Take back.

Do you like to take back some products to the shop? I don't like very well. Cause I remember a lot of cases when people took back purchased products and sellers was so angry, so mad. Sometimes I thought that this crazy seller would take her/his gun under the counter and would begin to kill everyone. I understand that is normal thing to take back products. I usually do, when I get some brand-new, but worn things or food products, which are out of date. But some people are so complicated.
Another examples of using "take back":
A) "Let's take the sofa out", "Let's take out the sofa". I just replaced one word from example of "Bob & Rob" Show and wrote down.
B) When I watch movie, I usually hear command like this:"Take her out of some place!".

2. "Take down".
This phrasal verb is so popular in the action movies: "Look at the roof of those building! Are you seeing him right now? Take him down immediately!".
We can use this verb when we teach someone. For example, we can say "Take this down, please, and read it after".

3. "Take up".
This phrasal verb has a lot of meanings. How do you remember them?
Examples: I took up bowling last year. My cat takes up too much sofa. You should take this chair up. Ok, I will take up on your offer.




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