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Portuguese usage vs. Brazilian usage..


Never did understand how the pronoun "you" works in Portuguese of Portugal.

In Brazil, it's easy because seems like everone is "você' or "o senhor" "a senhora" for formal.

But in Portugal, they also have the 2nd person singualar "tu"

Tu is the most familiar. Você is an intermediate level of formality and then "o senhor" etc is for people you don't know.



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    Portuguese Standard






    VÓS (Usually used by people from north of county instead of "TU")



    -For be honest we don't need use TU or VOCÊ (use of the verb in the third person *), because we do the verb conjugation so just in some situations we need use the TU / VOCÊ.

    -Você is the formal way usually we use for people more old, boss, unknown, people who do not have "confidence" for use the TU. We can also call the persons by: For womanen's: Dona and for the men's Senhor.

    - Use of TU is for friends, in almost of cases for parents and brothers/sisters, classmates, roommates, etc.


    Phrases examples:

    1. (Você) Quer vir ao cinema comigo ou prefere ir ao casino? *

    2.  (tu) Queres vir ao cinema comigo ou preferes ir ao casino?

    3. Sabes /Sabe se ele quer vir ao cinema comigo ou prefere ir ao cinema?*

    4- Eu prefiro ir ao casino, mas você é que escolhe.

    5- Eu prefiro ir ao casino, mas tu é que escolhes.

    I think with the examples you understood, any questions send msg.



    No português do Brasil:








    Porém aqui não usamos muito o TÚ quando falamos com alguém. Usamos o VOCÊ que é sinômino de TÚ. 

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