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introducing myself

Hey y'all!

My name is Eloise. (aiko-eloise.) 'eh-loh-weez' (not eh-loys) >.>
Call me Louie.

First of all, I am not a halfie, okay?
I was born in Osaka, Japan but I was raised in Canada... Currently, I'm stuck here in the Philippines with my father's slutty wife...
I hate my filipina step mother because she's such a gold digger.
She treats me like a slave especially when papa is not around.

I'm learning Jap so that I can communicate with my dad well (he doesn't speak english much and only knows a lil bit of tagalog) and live in Japan (with relatives) or anywhere...

some boring facts about me:

I can see better in the dark.

I hate reading thick, boring books especially those without pictures.

And oh, I'm allergic to crabs & shrimps!

Yeah, I know.
My life sucks.

So please help me learn japanese... (hmm i don't mind italian too. lol)


or shall i say, 'arigatou gozaimasu'




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