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2013 Top 10 Popular Chinese Words


1. 中国梦 zhōng guó mèng

Chinese dream(to become prosperous and strong)

2. 光盘 guāng pán

empty your plate, (eat all your food, waste nothing)

3. 倒逼 dào bī

take action to make your boss improve

4. 逆袭 nì xí

to win at the last moment through hardship and struggle

5. 女汉子 nǚ hàn zi

tough-girl, tom-boy

6. 土豪 tǔ háo

nouveux riche, Beverley hill billies,

7. 点赞 diǎn zàn

to “like” or “agree” on something.

8. 微XX wēi XX

mini..., tiny...

9. 大V dà V

People on social media who have a large following and whose opinions are seen by some as influential

10. 奇葩 qí pā

strange, weird or odd person



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