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Tautas Dejas Ansamblis

Es zinu, ka TDA nozīmē "Tautas Dejas Ansamblis" un TDK "Tautas Dejas Kopa", bet kurš var sacīt sevi ir TDA? Vai TDA ir nosaukums, kuru iestāde dod? Un TDA ir grupās, A, B, C ... .
Kurš saka, kurā grupā tie ir?




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    Tautas deju ansambļi

    Es zinu, ka TDA nozīmē "Tautas deju ansamblis" un TDK "Tautas deju kopa", bet kurš var sacīt sevi ir dod TDA nosaukumu? Vai TDA ir nosaukums, kuru dod kāda iestāde? Un TDA dalās grupās: A, B, C ... .
    Kurš nosaka, kurā grupā ir katrs ansamblis?


    This correction is rather subjective because there are several ways one could say most of these things. It's just that your version didn't sound at all natural even if it was comprehensible.

    As for the title, I put the word "ansambļi" in the plural because you are talking about TDAs in general. It's a style thing.

    I think we use "tautas dejas" almost only in the plural, and we ususally don't capitalize these names, except for the first word (if that).

    The rest, as I said, is rather subjective. There are things I removed or added to make it sound more natural and fluid. It's definitely not the only right way to say these things.

    Good luck with your learning!

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