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One year of teaching Russian


After more than one year of being just a student on Italki, I dare to be a teacher. Most of all I was afraid if I could keep up an interesting conversation for an hour and if I could speak more slowly. Now one year has gone by since I began to teach on Italki. And I can say that I’ve learned to speak more slowly and to keep such a long conversation interestly (I hope). I like teaching very much. I like learning foreign languages, including Russian language as a language for foreigners, and it is so interesting to communicate with people of the same hobby and to help them in their Russian studies. I don’t stop to be delighted of my students’ diligence.
What is a difference from me at that time when I was just a beginner in teaching and now?
Firstly, I thought that Russian is the language which is impossible to know well if you wasn’t born in Russia. Now I know many people who knows Russian very well. Of cause it is difficult, but the devil is not so terrible as he is painted.
Secondly, I needed a week to prepare for a lesson, but now just one or two day. You can ask why I needed a week for one lesson. The answer is I was looking for a good idea. It could be a song that helps to remember difference between accusative case of direction and prepositional of location, or a song to remember Russian pronouns or genitive case. Or a short and funny classical story, a fragment of a good Russian movie or so on. Now I have some my “tips”, so I need not so much time before the lesson.
Thirdly, my fears of one hour lesson was unreasonable. I could talk about 2 hours at that time even I was requested for one hour lesson, but now I can add just 15 or 30 minutes of overtime. It is not only because I value my time more, it is because I want to leave something unsaid for my student want to return to me to continue the conversation.
All this year I listen to music, I read books and watch TV more attentively. I think always if can I use them in my lessons. Now I have so many things I want to share with my students. I enjoy teaching so much!




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