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Hi everyone !!!

Hi, I'm a french student and I come here in order to improve my english because later, I would like to go to abroad to continue my studies.

I hope that I would be more knowledges.



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    Hi Everyone !!!

    Hi, I'm a French student and I have joined Italki (come here) in order to improve my English so that (because) later (,) I would be better placed (like) to go (to) abroad in order to continue my studies.

    I hope that I will become (would be) more knowledgeable. (knowledges.)


    For proper nouns, such as place names, languages, countries etc. you need to use initial capitals. The phrase 'come here' is rather bland and can be easily improved by substituting it with ... "I joined this site'...'I joined italki'.....'I registered with this site' .....etc. I have suggested a couple of alternative wordings to try to make your article a little smoother. 

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