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Top one Chinese Buzzwords in the new year 2014 # “mǎ shànɡ yǒu+……”


Hi,everybody,today I will share one Chinese popular phrase “mǎ shànɡ tǐ”.

Network hot words "mǎ shànɡ tǐ " is a tradition from the Chinese zodiac and Chinese homonym image blessings way.With the arrival of the Chinese New Year of the Horse, "mǎ shànɡ tǐ" became so popular.

In the phrase“mǎ shànɡ yǒu qián”,“mǎ shànɡ”means “immediately”,“yǒu”means “have”,“qián”means “money”,so it means “become rich immediately”.

Then Chinese people created a new structure :mǎ shànɡ yǒu+……,if you want to have a new house immediately in the new year,you can say“mǎ shànɡ yǒu fánɡ”,if you want to have a girl friend or boy friend immediately,you can say“mǎ shànɡ yǒu duì xiànɡ”. People always draw a horse ,and put things they want on the back of the horse. Then you can have everything you want immediately in the new year,haha.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any question. And also can tell me something you are really interested in about Chinese,I can share with you. Thanks.





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