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Casiopea and Perseo.

No, I’m not going to write about constellations or ancient Greek mythology. Casiopea and Perseo are the names of my daughter’s amusing new little turtles. My daughter has the ability of repeat the same sentence once and again, and again, till the lid of my brain blast in pieces. It doesn’t means that she always gets what she wants, but this time she succeeded and I had to surrender at the end. So she got her two new little pets.
I hope they don’t grow as much as the “Fukushima’s mutant turtle” which recently became viral in internet, in several joke articles, as the result of a mutation due to the Fukushima’s nuclear central radiation poured into the sea. But I had in my mind a real local new involving some kind of turtle appearing in our town. I looked for it, I found it and add the picture at the end of this text, and actually, I don’t want Casiopea and Perseo became as big as this turtle either.

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