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Maybe A Story 2

This is resuming of first post. Now is the morning after that party.

It's weekend and I'm in Emma's house. I should go to my home, but i think Emma will get sad. I dunno what should i do. My phone rings. It's my mom. "Don't you want to return to home?" my mom said. "I'll come a little later" I said.

"Do you want to go home?" Emma said. "Actually I don't want to go home, but I have to." I said. "But you can come with me." "Don't you mind?" she said. "Of course no. You are my friend" I said. "So wait a moment, please." she said.We got ready, and we went to my house.

we went to my room. She was watching my room, But my little sister came and cried " Hey, Steve. Where were you last night? I missed you" She said with sad and angry. "Oh little sister. So sorry. I had to. Emma was lonely." I said.

"Who is this girl?" Lily said. "She is Emma. She is my classmate." I said. " Why did you steal my brother?" She said. "I didn't steal your brother..." Emma said. "Lily! (stand for Lilian) calm down. I'm here now." I said. " It sounds she loves her brother." Emma said. "Yes. She loves me" I said. "I'm her only brother." "Say hello to Emma, Lily." "Hello." Lily said.

"Have you had breakfast, Lily?" I said. "Yes." Lily said. " Okay" I said. "Caress me." Lily said. i hold her. Emma kissed her, But Lily cleaned it. We went to living room. i sat on the ground and said "let's play Lily." She left and returned with a game. Emma sat next to me and we played for an hour or more.

After it i lied down. Lily sat on my thorax / bust / chest. She was playing with my face and lips. Then Emma came and she did it, too. My head was between her legs. She was pressing my cheeks with her legs, and i think i had a funny face that time.

After a long time they finished. I went to kitchen and brought three cups of juice. I layed them down and captured / obtained Emma and sat on her thorax / bust / chest. And then i began stretching / taking / dragging her cheeks. Then I captured / obtained Lily and i rotated / trolled her in the air.

After i wreaked, we drank juice and watched TV. Lily put her head on my foot. Emma sat next to me and put her head on my shoulder. I put my hand on Lily's head and threw my other hand on Emma's shoulder.




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