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“吃醋” Vinegar or Jealousy

[chī cù]吃醋,两个意思two meanings 。
1、调料vinegar 对于上篇提到的“多吃醋”就是指醋(For above-mentioned "eat more vinegar " its meaning is pure vinegar. )
They,old man , think vinegar is good for our health. Maybe no scientific basis ,like what tgif said. But this kind of thoughts has been believed and liked.Factly , vinegar is a good seasoning,work up an appetite.
2、是嫉妒jealousy (as in love affair ) 在中国,有一个典故。(There is an allusion in China.)
据传这个典故出自唐朝的宫庭里,皇帝唐太宗为了笼络人心,要为当朝宰相房玄龄纳妾,他的妻子由于嫉妒,横加干涉,就是不让。皇帝无奈,只得令宰相的妻子在喝毒酒和纳小妾之中选择一个。没想到宰相妻子确有几分刚烈,宁愿一死也不在皇帝面前低头。于是端起那杯“毒酒”一饮而尽。当宰相妻子含泪喝完后,才发现杯中不是毒酒,而是带有甜酸香味的浓醋。从此便把“嫉妒”和“吃醋”融合起来,“吃醋”便成了嫉妒的比喻语。 In ancient time of China ,a man can get married with many women. But the first wife usually don't like her husband to love other women.So we will say she is jealous (=chī cù ).



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