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My first english diary on italki.

Yesterday I went to the Kobe Gakuin University to sit for an written exam to the Kobe city hall.

In the first place I walked to Himejima station in the Hanshin main line. Compared to the JR Kobe line, the train fare bound for Kobe is much lower than that of JR line. I took the local train from Himejima station and changed trains at Amagaski station from local train to express train bound for Sannomiya.

Before going to the test center, I went to the WINS operated by the Japan Racing Association to purchase a horse race ticket. My favorite bet type in horse racing is TRIO. When I purchased a horse racing ticket, somebody left behind a horse race ticket and a change in front of the automatic selling machine.

A Japanese lady in charge of the automatic machine said to me, “Would you like to make a claim for a horse race ticket or abandon it?” I said to her, “This time I would like to abandon a claim”. As soon as I purchased a horse ticket, I went to the Sannomiya station to get on the port-liner. The port-liner similar to that of New tram in Osaka, Japan is a kind of public transport.
It took roughly over ten minuness from the nearest station to the Kobe Gakuin University located in Port Island, Kobe. Just in case I should get lost, I followed other applicants.
I managed to be in time for the test schedule.

After I took the written test to the Kobe city hall for an hour and half, I crossed the Kobe Bridge from the Port Island on foot. I took many photographs by using my I-pod.

The international ferry service between Osaka, Kobe and Shanghai, China is available from the Port-terminal.

By the way, please don’t ask me about the result of written exam. In general, I am poor and bad at the Japanese public service written examination.

I was strolling around the Kobe Customs Office and my previous company’s head office in Kobe.

After hanging around the heart of Kobe, I passed by the Consulate General of the Republic of Panama in Kobe.

I had a dinner at the Matsuya by myself. I ordered a beef rice bowel and fresh vegetable salad. A soybean soup (Miso-soup) is for free or for nothing. The Matsuya is well known as a famous beef-rice bowel chain stores in Japan.

After all, I returned from Motomachi station to Osaka.




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