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Beginning Hebrew questions



I'm beginning the process of learning Hebrew, and had a couple questions that will be helpful in the process for me.

First of all, the primary reason I'm studying the language is so that I will be able to read the Tanakh with some level of fluency and proficiency. With that in mind, is there anything I should know from the start about studying the language? I'm told that besides some vocab differences (such as biblical Hebrew not having words for Car, Telephone, microwave, etc.), and a few small grammar differences, modern Hebrew and Biblical Hebrew are basically the same language. Is there anything else that would be helpful to know before starting deeper into the language?

Also, I was curious if there are any ways to know the vowel sounds for a word when there are not any vowel points or when I don't know the word. Is there any rule or method to figure this out, or is it just a matter of learning and knowing the words?

Then, lastly, for any of you reading who follow Tim Ferris' writing, he recommends learning a few specific sentences in the language you're wanting to learn in order to get a grasp of the basic grammar of the language you're learning (this is discussed here for anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about :). ).

With this in mind, may I ask for a Hebrew translation and transliteration (the sentence in Hebrew, and the English letters/pronunciation for the Hebrew words) of the sentences I've listed below? I would really appreciate it!

The apple is red.
It is John’s apple.
I give John the apple.
We give him the apple.
He gives it to John.
She gives it to him.
I must give it to him.
I want to give it to her.

Toda! Thanks for the help, friends!

Be blessed!




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    My comment turned out a mess, it supposed to consist to different paragraphs (:

    As for your sentences (remember, Hebrew is written from right to left):


    The apple is red. Hatapuah adom. התפוח אדום.

    It is John’s apple. Ze hatapuah shel John. זה התפוח של ג'ון.


    I give John the apple. Male speaker: Ani noten leJohn et hatapuah. אני נותן לג'ון את התפוח. Female

    speaker: Ani notenet leJohn et hatapuah. אני נותנת לג'ון את התפוח.
    We give him the apple. Anahnu notnim lo et hatapuah. אנחנו נותנים לו את התפוח.


    He gives it to John. Hu noten oto leJohn. הוא נותן אותו לג'ון.


    She gives it to him. Hi notenet lo oto. היא נותנת לו אותו.

    I must give it to him. Male speaker: Ani hayav latet lo oto. אני חייב לתת לו אותו. Female speaker: Ani

    hayevet latet lo oto. אני חייבת לתת לו אותו.

    I want to give it to her. Male speaker: Ani rotse latet la oto. אני רוצה לתת לה אותו. Female speaker: Ani

    rotsa latet la oto. אני רוצה לתת לה אותו.


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