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Hello everyone!
Recently I visited Bosnia and I liked it. I am planning to have a longer vacation in summer. Can someone please help me with basic phrases? I can help with English, French or Turkish. Please feel free to contact me.
See you soon!
PS. Hopefully. next time, I will be able to make a brief introduction in Bosnian :)



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    I've just written some basic phrases in Bosnian. 

    If you wanna take a class with me, I'd like to ask you to look at my profile:

    I'd just like to add something to Alma's "magic words". :) It's very common to hear "izvini" instead of "oprosti".

    If there are any specific words or phrases you'd like to know, Bart, do ask.


    Here people say that there are 4 magic words every man must use:

    HVALA - thank you
    IZVOLI - here you go
    MOLIM (te) - please
    OPROSTI - I'm sorry



    What phrases would you like to know? 

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