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Our farewell party (parrt -1)

Last wenesday,, On the date of 12-2-14, It was our farewell party. My friend, sham and aman decided to go on party at 1 pm but then prateek rang me at 11 am and asked the time. When we went on party then prateek said, aman told him that. We did go on 12 pm, I was shocked and asked prateek to call aman then prateek converenced the call and i told aman that. Whats the time, we decided to go on farewell party, and he said 12 pm, i rebuked him that you said we have to on 1 pm and now you said 12 pm, whats the matter boy, and then we angin decided the time and we decided 12:30 pm and we took bark and waiting for them on our meeting point :)




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