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Rhino Poaching


In South Africa rhinos have been poached at an alarming rate. These beautiful large animals are shot and killed by poachers for their horns. It is believed in some countries that rhino horn has powerful medicinal qualities. Of course, this belief is unfounded and yet hundreds of our rhinos have lost their lives.
Groundbreaking research has recently developed a poison. The rhinos are darted with a sedative and the poison is pumped into their horns making them toxic for human consumption. The rhinos are not affected by the poison as rhino horn is made of keratin and does not have a blood supply.
It is quite a costly procedure to dart a rhino, however whilst the rhino is down (sedated), blood samples are taken for further research and DNA sampling.
At long last ... perhaps our rhino population will not become extinct at the hands of avaricious black market traffickers.




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