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I have personally seen the bloated, stinking carcass of a wild rhino. Next to her dead body stood her young son. She had been dead for three days and her son was standing in the blazing African sun without having had a drink from his mother in three days. He was dehydrated and frightened, but he would not leave his mothers' side.
We found his father too, also dead, bloated, stinking and hornless.
What a pity that humans are so ignorant, inhumane and greedy.
The practice of injecting poison into live rhinos' horns to render them useless to humans will soon put a stop to the senseless slaughter of our wonderful wildlife.




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    I do really believe most human beings are too near-sighted for the wildlife  . Not only the rhino , but also tigers , bears (Taiwan bears are on the verge of extinction and deers are no longer seen as far as I can see) and some other creatures which most people regard as useless  .


    Suppose the mankind is the most dangerous "creature" in the world as they are good at killing their own kind much less other creatures (that is not my business). How many people were slaughtered over the past century ? The jew , Chinese , Taiwanese , and some other people who were living under the regime of terror and dictatorship..... OMG ..... I reckon people should be well protected and cared  or they could vanish one day somehow.

    I do not know if it is useful to suppress rhino's horn trafficking . I guess we can do not only injection of poison but also label the horn a special signal which tells the horn is not available for Chinese medicine any more.

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