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I Don't Know What To Think About Russia

When I do think about Russia, I'm some kind of split minded. At first I know that I'm a big fan of the Sovjet Union and a russian member in Italki has shown me pictures of the countryside near her city. It is so beautiful, so open and still so natural. I also like to eat Blinys, which is some kind of a russian speciality. I also think that it is interesting to learn more about their orthodoxian faith. I wonder, why they believe into praying to symbols and pictures so deeply, because this is strongly forbidden in the Bible. Also their writing interests me, I want to know how these letters have been developed over time, which are totally different from the standard european letters. The transsibirian train also interests me very much, driving all the way through the whole russian wild. Russia is for sure a interesting country.

But at the other side I'm so scared of Russia. Their cities are very grey. East-Berlin looked just like that as well, but it changed much. But when I see pictures from russian cities, they are still today looking so grey, so desperate. And when I browse through Youtube I'm much more scared. If Youtube has videos about Russia, it seems it is only about russian Hooligans. Hundreds of them fighting at dailight in the very main streests of big cities, but there is no police and no army coming to stop this. They all look so violent and drunk. Why they are like that? What is wrong with them? Especially if Zenit St. Petersburg and Spartak Moscow clash together. It is horrible.

I also read, that Russia has the alarming number of 20 Million neo-nationalsocialists, the highest number in the world, and this in the country who payed 55 Million lifes to National Socialism. Plus in real racist faith, the russians are slavian people, which means for this faith they are subhumans and so not worth anything. But browsing through the internet, I found racist russian music. One of the bands known as Vandal (Вандал) seems to be very famous. They even covered songs from the most known german racist band Landser. And while the german government hunted Landser down, the russian government does nothing against russian racist music, as if they do not care at all. It scares me. I think they would kill me if I enter Russia, especially if I would visit St. Petersburg, which has been sieged 900 days by Germany. I do not think they have forgot or forgiven this, although it was not my fault.

Can you tell me if this is really like that? And why is this so?




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