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HAMIN, HAMIN ALAAN, TAZE AZ - Useful lesson for Farsi learners that got from a friend.

I was just sharing this because I got this from a friend and I thought it would be useful to Farsi - learners.


Each of these words have multiple meaning and rules/functions depending on their use in the sentence.

Hamin: is a demonstrative pronoun if it is used alone and a demonstrative adjective if it's used with a noun.

Examples: من همین را می خواهم./ I want THIS. (demonstrative pronoun)- من هم همین کتاب را دارم./ I have the SAME book, too......

Hamin Alan: is an adverb and it means "just now" , "as this very moment". Examples: من همین الآن از سر کار آمده ام. - I just came back from work. / همین الۀن باید به من بگویی! - You have to tell me RIGHT NOW!.....

Taze: is basically an adjective and it means fresh, new. Examples: من بوی نان تازه را خیلی دوست دارم. / I like the scent of the fresh bread a lot. ....سارا ماشین تازه خریده است./ Sara has bought a new car....

It also could be used as an adverb in a sentence and means "just " or "recently". Examples: من تازه از سر کار آمده ام./ I just came back from work... من تازه سارا را دیده ام./ I have seen Sara recently.(It's not long since I have seen Sara).



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