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Five most common excuses not to learn foreign languages


Hi Everyone,

I don’t need to tell you that I like learning languages. I know there are many people who don’t like to do so. When I ask them why, there are some frequently repeated answers. It’s surprising these people don’t know each other, but I hear the same reasons again and again. I was very surprised when I found a blog called Lingholic. This blog has excellent articles that are helpful and I’d like to ask you about the common excuses that you hear when you ask, “Why aren’t you learning a foreign language?”

To start this discussion I mention 5 + 1 excuses:

Excuse Number One - “I get by with [English or my native language] just fine.”
Excuse Number Two - “I don’t have time.”
Excuse Number Three - “I’m too old to learn a language.”
Excuse Number Four - “I’m not talented with languages.”
Excuse Number Five - “It’s too much time, money and effort.”

“I am afraid of making mistakes and I will be laughed at native speakers.”

If you're interested in details please read this article:

Do you agree with theses statements?

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