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Some Traditions before and after Nowruz!

I always enjoy introducing my culture to other people around the world, so I decided to recollect some of my past entries about the Iranian New year along with festival of fire which is a prelude to Nowruz and an interesting tradition which marks the end of the New Year holiday. I suppose many people have little information about Iranian New year. That's why I've written a lot of entries about Iranian traditions. Hope you find them interesting and enjoy reading them.

Have a nice day wherever you are.> Spring cleaning before Nowruz (Iranian New Year) ........> This festival is celebrated as a prelude to Nowruz ........> aAbout Nowruz ...........> About Nowruz. You find it interesting to read ..........> About Iranian food, sweets and pastries in Nowruz. You may feel hungry after reading this entry .....> Traditional stories about Nowruz. It's funny to read ............> Another festival which marks the end of Nowruz ( the end of Nowruz holiday)




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