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Namaskaram. Meela aeranam unnaaru? Naa paeru Steven. Mee paerama di. Naenu Tennessee nu chi vachanuu. Meeru ekada nu chi vachaaru? Dhanyavaadhamiru.




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    Namaskaram. Meeru ela unnaaru? Naa peru Steven. Mee peru enti. Nenu Tennessee nundi vachanu. Meeru ekkada nunchi(or)nundi vachaaru? Dhanyavaadhamuluu.


    Namaskaaram. Meeru yela unnaaru? Naa paeru Steven. Mee paeru yaemidi? Naenu Tennessee nunchi vacchanuu. Meeru yekkada nunchi vacchaaru? Dhanyavaadhamulu.


    As the person above me said, you have to learn the script to truly understand the language.  For example, take the word "vacchanuu".  You have to put stress on the "ch" sound, which is expressed in Telugu by putting a "cha otthu" (as we call it) underneath the "cha".  The Telugu script is very simple once you get it. is an easy website to type into Telugu, and you can copy paste it here.  

    Namaskaram. NamaskAram. (elongate the A' as in "Mars")

    Namaskaram. Meela aeranam unnaaru? Meeru Ela Unnaru. 


    Naa paeru Steven. Naa Peru Steven.


     Mee paerama di. Mee Peru Emiti?

    Naenu Tennessee nu chi vachanuu. Nenu Tennessee Nunchi Vachchanu.


    Meeru ekada nu chi vachaaru? Meeru Ekkada Nunchi Vachcharu.



    Steven, Well Done. You seem to have a little introduction to the language. Please try learning the script of the language . It will be much easier to grasp the sounds and vocabulary. Writing in English makes it a very bad habit to let go off in future

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