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Do you agree of disagree that businessmen are only motivated by the desire of money?

Nowadays,with continuous bad cases exposed in business, people begin to raise question on the aspect of businessmen's morality: if a businessman who are driven only by money will take any commercial activities even if he or she will do these things by any kinds of means.When one after another person sacrifice to these bad cases, my answer is undoubted that businessmen can not only motivated by money to do any commercial activities.

On one hand,businessmen can not harm consumers' health to make money.There is no doubt that businessmen seek the maximum of profit is correct,however,they can not harm the interest of consumers, especially for the consumers' heath and life. The result will harm not only consumers but also businessmen themselves if they do like this.For instance,recently,Toyota Motor Corp reduces production quality to cut down the cost ,as a result, leading to massive accidents happened such as cars' loss of control, drivers' hurt and death,which makes the recall issues increased rapidly in all around world.Toyota Motor Corp recalls more than 300 cars in America in the first two month in 2010.These series of recalls make Toyota lose lots of economic loss and brand reputation.

On the other hand,businessmen's profit can not take the expense of the environment.As we all know that environment provides lots of bisic resource for people.People's life and development connect with environment.They must follow the law of nature,otherwise,destroying the environment will get the revenge and punishment.Recent years,we can see all aspects of environment pollution everywhere ,such as dark sky,feculent air,unclear water and massive rubbish.However,with series of environment problems appearance like the growth of population , decrease of forest and the hole in ozone layer,we realize that these issues are the punishment which we get from the environment .

Meanwhile,businessmen should undertake their social responsibility.Their profit can not effect social steady.The third biggest investment bank LEH in America ,with the desire of searching for the maximum profit ,run the risk of investing but failed ,which makes this bank which is over 185 years bust up at a glance.Its burst-up is like a 8 earthquake which brings tremendous impact to the Wall Street,makes market value lose hundred billion and causes large number of people lose their jobs.

Hence it is no difficulty to conclude that businessmen search for profit is not only their own things but connects with the social ,environment and human beings.They can not only be motivated by money to take commercial activities.




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