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Hello my friend, actually I do not know what should I write, but I try to talk about food. I live in Indonesia and Yogyakarta is my current city. I come from West Sumatera, but still in the same country. There is a famous food in West Sumatera called 'Pangek Ijau', I think in indonesian it's mean Pangek Hijau. Named Pangek Ijau because it's color is green. This food is very spicy, you know why?? Because you add both green chili and white pepper to your dish. Not only that, you put the various spices to your cooking. Don't forget to put the main ingredient duck or chicken. My mom oftentimes uses chicken, because the duck meat is tough. You can imagine that Pangek Ijau is very spicy food and make you burst in tears. Actually it depends how much you put green chili and white pepper to your cooking. The people in my village love this dish, because my village is cold and they believe that spicy food can make their body feel warm. This food is very delicious and my favorite too. It has flavorous smell and strong seasoning. I recommend it put on your menu list if you travel to West Sumatera and of course if you like spicy food :)




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