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Just a normal day.

Today I spend most of my day studying, I´m trying to become fluent speakin english but I dont have anyone to practice with so I´m using a technique called "mirroring" that I learnt in Youtube which consists in repeat some audio or video over and over till you can´t do it exactly like the original, also I´m memorizing phrases and idioms.
But not everything is study, an even though i'm supposed to be finishing my final works for school, I played a lot o video games today, well not so much just 2 or 3 hours which is really short for my standars, my current favorite video game is Grand theft auto online, i think that game holds a lot of learning power because you need to work on team and follow instructions, and is a placed when everyone is talking in some many languages and accents! I have heard English, Spanish, French, German (I´m also learning that one) even Japanese
After I woke up I laid in my bed for 2 hours just reading, I really enjoy reading, it´s kinda like the mainly purpose in my life: to know histories. Currently I´m reading the third volume of G.R.R.M´s cycle of novels "A song of ice and fire" and is just magnificent. I learnt to read when I was 5 years old and I´m never stoped, then when i was 20 years old I met a girl from Germany (damm I really liked that girl) , and she told me that she wished to read a book in spanish so we talked and talked and then we decided to read Harry Potter, the whole saga in just 3 months! (cause matter of time) we didn´t it, the first book took us one month, but when I finished the second book I knew it... Another language is a new brand world! So I kept reading like that I read to King, Tolkien, Lovecraft, Gaiman (Even I wrote a letter to him, and he responded it) and a lot more.
Well, after that big break and after have talked about my big passion I can continue.
I breakfasted sweet or sugar bread with coffe,(really traditional here in Mexico) ham and eggs and fruit, for dinner I took a cream made of broccoli a fried slice of chiken (milanesse) and more fruit, finally by the evening I shared a cup of coffe with my family.
After the coffe, my brother and I tried to watch a movie about religion and comedy (queer combination) but we grow tired of it really soon, so i returned to my study and ended here writing down this.




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