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All of my friends are studying in university. Almost everyone goes to university in Korea.
Some people pose a question if we must go to university or not. Anyway, It is undeniable that everyone goes there.Major is very significant in university life because major plays a key role in students' future career. Students will be employed in any fields where they can make use of their major. So, we must take account of our majors very considerately.

However, Most of my friends ended up going other majors not related to their dreams or achievements they had made. So, they are losing interest in their campus lives. It is because of two main factors. First, Korean students have to apply for universities' specific majors. I heard that students can explore many majors during the freshmen year in U.S.A., but we don't have that system. Korean students don't have any opportunity to check or examine if this major fits into them or not. We should decide our majors before the entrance. As you guessed, many students are disappointed with their majors because they did not have enough information, but just imaginations.
Second, Korean people have the rankism about university. They consider that social reputation and fame of the university are crucial. So, many teachers and parents often recommend that their children go to more famous universities regardless of children's interest and abilities. There are many universities which give more practical benefits or job openings to students though they are not that famous. If students pick up those universities, they will not be stressed at employment.

For these factors, Korean highschool students don't care about their major because they merely take care of university's fame and already know that they don't have no choice for choosing majors, but should follow their exam results. This phenomenon is absolutely inappropriate. It means that they have to study without any passions, curiosity and perspective. If they fit into their major very well, it will be okay, but that case is not quite a lot. Teenagers should consider as to their future and dream in order to make blueprints for their lives. If so, an individual life will be full of happiness, and the whole nation can entrench more superior human resources.




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