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My respect to Afghan

Yesterday, the people of Afghanistan went to vote for their next president. It was said that 7 million voters were estimated to have voted despite the threat from the Taliban to disrupt the vote and punish all involved. The strong turnout is a slap in the face for the Taliban.

One woman said:"We are not afraid of the threats. As much as they kill us, we get more stronger. As much as they killed our children, our journalists and innocent women, we say no, we will go and vote because we are fed up. We want to see real change, we want to enjoy our democracy."

Before, in my eyes, the Afghanistan is a poor country with so many turmoil and chaos that I could't imagine. Today, the bravery of Afghan win my respect. I think they are better than me. They faced bravely the threat of violence, and they dared to die for the democracy and freedom.

I give my best wishes to the Afghan, they deserve a better life, a bright future.




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